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Providence, R.I., U.S.A., was founded by a religious freedom seeker named Rodger Williams in 1654. In Providence, on the stage of a fantastic theatre (Trinity Repertory Company) Kathy met Tim. Somewhere along the way they decided to bring a little bit of New England to Cambridge….. Providence the shop was born.

Tim & Kathy Ritchie began, Providence 25+ years ago as cabinetmakers. Our work was originally inspired by simple Colonial pieces seen in New England so you may notice a Shaker influence. We offer freestanding furniture that includes kitchen dresser, larder cupboards, linen presses and wardrobes. We also build fitted kitchens and wardrobes, bookcases, and alcove units. Our service is very much bespoke.

The business has been featured in the national press Country Living and Period Living.  A few moons ago, Providence, won the best stand design award at the Country Living Magazine show.
We’re called “Divine Providence” in a Remodelista feature in August 2013.

Email enquiries to shop@providenceuk.com

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