Shaker Rail

Shaker Rail

General details

You can usually find in our shop stock standard shaker rails  in the following colours/finishes:

  • Providence White I: warm white
  • Cedar II: a mid blue/grey
  • Hughes grey: a mid cool industrial grey
  • Dirty Dog III: a warm mid neutral
  • Metacomet: a charcoal grey
  • Clear waxed Oak

In the following sizes:

  • 7cm wide x 45cm long
  • 9.5cm wide x 60cm, 75cm, 1m , 1.2m & 1.5m

They are all priced at £38 per linear meter.

Bespoke Orders

Alternately you can order via email any length  & colour in the Providence , Mylands and Farrow & Ball ranges @ a cost of £48 per linear meter or primed rails @ £38



The rails shown are (from left to right) waxed oak, Cedar, Providence White, Dirty Dog and Hughes Grey


£38 per metre, bespoke £48 per metre
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