Farrow & Ball + Liberty – a curation

Farrow & Ball has taken some of its colours out of the archive and created a joyous marriage in pairing them with Liberty’s fabric and wallpaper collection.
The sample pots are designed using Liberty prints as the background and are so pretty that you’ll want to keep them and reuse when empty.

Here are the colours that have been pulled out of archive and are back in circulation: Clunch No 2009, Archive No 227, Smoked Trout No 60,  Potted Shrimp No 9906, Fruit Fool No 9911, Cola No 9918,  Serge No 9919 , Sloe Blue No 87, Berrington Blue No 14, Olive No 13,  Suffield Green No 77, Chine Green No 35,  Cane No 53, Chemise No 216 and Pantalon No 221


Clunch No 2009

Farrow & Ball – Clunch No 2009

Archive No 227 is a stronger, warmer version of Joa’s White. It’s considered a classic taupe, it has a slightly cleaner feel than Oxford Stone and creates a rich glow in any room. This colour works particularly well in dimly lit rooms if you want to create a cosy environment, but can be surprisingly orange in brighter spaces.

Smoked Trout No 60

Farrow & Ball

Potted Shrimp No 9906

Fruit Fool No 991

Farrow & Ball Fruit Fool

Cola No 9918

Farrow & Ball Cola No 9918

Serge No 9919 is a shade named after the original fabric used to make jeans. It makes a wonderful dining room colour, creating an elegant feel that’s well-suited to entertaining spaces.

Farrow & Ball Serge with Wimborne white

Sloe Blue No 87 (formerly Claydon Blue)

Farrow & Ball Sloe Blue No 87 (formerly Claydon blue)

Berrington Blue No 14

Farrow & Ball Berrington Blue No 14

Chine Green No 35 (formerly Trust Green) is an earthy green. Used on cabinets, it creates the familiar feel of a working kitchen in an old country house; used outdoors, it makes for a subtle woodwork colour, mirroring the green of any surrounding foliage.

Olive No 13

Farrow & Ball 0live No 13

Suffield Green No 77

Farrow & Ball Suffield Green No 77

Cane No 53

Chemise No 216

Pantalon No 221

All of these colours are supported with sample pots that we have in our shop and brush out boards, swatches and other resources to help with colour choice. 

All images are courtesy of Farrow & Ball unless otherwise stated.

Bright Skies & Breathe

This year the names of 2  “Colours of the Year” (beware the marketing ploy) are evocative signs-of-the-times.  Both names are trying to nudge us outside, out from behind our tables and desks, doors and walls, all those fixtures that have held us in isolation.
For 2022, the Dulux Colour of the Year  “Bright Skies” – a soft pale blue, is telling us to look out, up and forward.  The colour was chosen for its flexibility, especially at a time when people are navigating towards hybrid workspaces.  It’s optimistic.

Bright Skies – Dulux 2022 Colour of the Year
Photo Credit: Dezeen

And  “Breathe” from Graham and Brown, another soft blue, is suggesting that we take a moment and find fresh air. Breathe is a soothing, calm, mid blue, that can create a peaceful space. Breathe is a nod towards a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle, which dovetails with Graham & Brown’s new eco-conscious mission; the company has vowed to be carbon neutral by January 2022.

Breathe – Graham & Brown’s 2022 Colour of the Year
Photo Credit: House Beautiful

Cabinet offers Spring ’21

After too long a lockdown, we need to make some space for new cabinets, display and ideas… so you get to win with a once in a rarity discount of 30% discount off our retail price for these cabinets. You can see them at our Burwash shop. When they are gone they is gone….so don’t hang about. Scroll down and have a look. 
All of our pieces have now sold.
Email shop@providenceuk.com for more details.

Big Yellow Cupboard – *SOLD*

The big yellow cupboard is deep enough to accommodate kettle, toaster, and more, with the added advantage of being able to hide away everything in the upper section behind the bi-fold doors.  The doors can be taken off if you would like to use it as an open dresser.  It has adjustable shelves.  Dimensions below.

Big Yellow cupboard discounted by 30% in our shop

Details – Yellow Cupboard

210cm Tall x 60cm Deep base (30cm deep upper section) x 180cm Wide
Colour: Providence Paint – Jackson’s Yellow
Knobs: Maple Shaker
Surface & shelves: Bleached pine
Breaks down into 2 pieces for delivery

Small Dresser – *SOLD*

Details – Small Dresser

210cm Tall x 45cm Deep base (30cm deep upper section) x 120cm Wide
Colour: Farrow & Ball – School House White No 291
Knobs: Maple Shaker
Surface: Bleached pine
Breaks down into 2 pieces for delivery

Triple Wardrobe – SOLD

Triple Wardrobe 30% discount

Details – Triple wardrobe – SOLD –

200cm Tall x 60cm Deep x 180cm Wide
Colour: Providence Paint – Cedar shade I
Knobs: Maple Shaker
Fitted with hanging rails in the left hand and centre cupboards and shelves in the right hand cupboard
Breaks down into 5 pieces for delivery.

Single Wardrobe – SOLD –

Single wardrobe 30% discount

Details – Single Wardrobe – SOLD –

200cm Tall x 55cm Deep carcass and 60cm Deep at the Crown moulding x 100cm Wide
Colour: Mylands – Whitehall
Knobs: Maple Shaker
Breaks down into 3 pieces for delivery

Additions to follow…..

In addition to these cabinets we are also selling a coffee table, bookcase and a bedside cabinet, all ex-display and details to follow.