Aug 18

Double wardrobe Mylands Museum


This cabinet was painted in a Mylands colour: Museum, wood and metal paint in an eggshell finish.
The colour is one of those “Duck Egg Blue” finishes that you can describe but hard to find exactly. Greyed out Blue with a green hint.
The glass knobs give it sparkle and soften it.
Dimensions are as follows:
Height 200cm x Width 130cm x Depth 60cm
Because it is relatively wide, the cabinet comes in 3 components: crown, base & middle. The latter of which can further be separated into two to ensure easy access into tight positions.
We put it all together & ensure it functions level & true when we deliver: compensating for uneven floors that you might have with appropriate shims.

Enquiries, email workshop@providenceuk.com


Aug 18

Jelly Cabinet in white


This cabinet has the American name, “jelly cabinet”; this style was used to store all your home canned or jarred, produce and jellies. You might use it for shoes, equipment, games & toys, food… sometimes the cut away attractive vent holes, as will be illustrated in a later post. Colour is http://providenceuk.com/products/just-white/, so called because it features solely the colourant…..white. As opposed to “brilliant white” which in reality has some blue in it.
Dimensions as follows:
Height 100cm x Width 100cm x Depth 45cm.

Here’s a close up of the “beading” detail.
It’s been fitted with steel “rounded top” cupboard knobs available from our shop.
Inside are 2 x adjustable shelves ( + the floor) with an average opening per shelf of about 27cm.


Jul 18

Vintage work table


The dimension of this work table are as follows:
Height 76.5cm x Width 123cm x 45.5cm deep. Surface & legs made from heavy 8.5cm stock.
The tongue & grooved lower shelf crafted from old flooring & is 20 cm off the floor.


It is anchored together with proper industrial bolts and steel plates. We think it is an example of a late 18th century English Country workshop table: it had a very ancient vice attached, and is made from local timbers: Elm, Ash and Oak. It was common to make these from timbers that were to hand in the countryside.


It’s “industry” heavy (at 60 kilos+) and would suit being a kitchen work table. We have thoroughly scrubbed it from top to tail, filling old bolt holes with dowels, levelled the legs so it sits true. Finished with a light waxing it wears its age with pride & character. You just cannot fake patina like this.
It can be seen at our shop.


Jul 18

Big Yellow Cupboard


“Big Yella cupboard” is in Providence Paint colour, Jackson’s Yellow. We had been finishing many cabinets in ubiquitous shades of grey & longed for colour. It was designed to encompass a small food prep area with plenty of storage & the capacity to shut it all away.


The dimensions: Height 200cm x Width 180cm x Depth 60cm
Note all dimensions are taken at the widest and tallest points. The internal shelves are mostly adjustable meaning that you easily fit everything from wicker baskets to cereal boxes there.


The doors are double acting and hinge onto themselves. They fold out of the way without getting in the way. Drill a hole for a plug & you can hide away a kettle in here.


The surface and the shelves has been bleached and oiled and treated with white oil, to give them a scrubbed pine look. An Oak surface & painted interior shelves could be specified if required too. Dungarees: #carharrt #workinprogress
This cupboard can be viewed at our shop.
Enquiries, email workshop@providenceuk.com