Providence Hardware Cupboard

We sell knobs and handles the knobs and handles that we use on our cabinets, wooden and metal. Shaker style in maple, oak and walnut. Victoria style in beech and oak. Metal in blackened steel, antiqued pewter and brass.

Below are antiqued brass cup handles mounted on drawers and knobs mounted the doors of one of our dressers. The dresser is painted in Oratory No 237, from Mylands. The finish is eggshell, wood and metal paint.

We import some of our knobs from the U.S.A.  These are manufactured to profiles originally used by the Shaker in construction of their furniture and cabinetry.  We stock a variety of woods including maple, oak, cherry and walnut. They can be waxed, oiled or painted as required.  Photographed below is a maple 38mm diameter knob that’s developed a natural patina as it’s been on display in our shop.

Top row Left:
Shaker knob – Walnut
Top row Right:
Wooden (details to follow)
Bottom Row Right:
Steel (details to follow)
Bottom Row Left:
Pewter Cabinet Knob

Providence cupboard knobs - Walnut Shaker & Pewter
Pewter effect - cupboard knob

Pewter Cabinet knob, 33mm diamter, machine bolt through back, £8.25 each