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Vintage work table


The dimension of this work table are as follows:
Height 76.5cm x Width 123cm x 45.5cm deep. Surface & legs made from heavy 8.5cm stock.
The tongue & grooved lower shelf crafted from old flooring & is 20 cm off the floor.


It is anchored together with proper industrial bolts and steel plates. We think it is an example of a late 18th century English Country workshop table: it had a very ancient vice attached, and is made from local timbers: Elm, Ash and Oak. It was common to make these from timbers that were to hand in the countryside.


It’s “industry” heavy (at 60 kilos+) and would suit being a kitchen work table. We have thoroughly scrubbed it from top to tail, filling old bolt holes with dowels, levelled the legs so it sits true. Finished with a light waxing it wears its age with pride & character. You just cannot fake patina like this.
It can be seen at our shop.