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Natural Pink

This month’s (March ‘21)  Elle Decoration had a palette feature called Nude Pinks that showed pinks in wall papers, fabrics and paints.  These pinks seem to be natural and warm, maybe even moving towards the dreaded “beige”.  It got us looking around our shop for a few pinks that we thought fitted this description.  Here are a few photo’s for inspo and some descriptions of the colours and possible combinations.  Remember that pink is great when paired with the right shade of its contrasting green/grey.

Mylands – Threadneedle

This linen press is painted in Threadneedle – No 262 from the Mylands, Colours of London range. Mylands describes this colour as a refined and subtle pink, that is white with a hint of orange and umber. It is the umber that gives it its natural “grounded” feel.

Farrow & Ball – Pink ground – Silvergate wallpaper

Farrow & Ball Silvergate Wallpaper Code BP 861

This is the Silvergate wallpaper pattern from Farrow & Ball. It has been in production in various colour ways for quite a while. This colourway uses Farrow & Ball’s, warm, Pink Ground – No 202 as the background colour and the pattern is printed with White tie – No 2002. It’s an archived colour way that we have as a reference in our shop; it is still available to order, though minimum quantities apply. The wallpaper code is BP 861.

This wallpaper would work paired up with the blushing natural pink of Farrow & Ball’s Setting Plaster – No 231 or it could be contrasted with the silvery blue that is Light blue – No 22 or with the deeper grey/green of Farrow & Ball’s Pigeon – No 25.

Earthborn – Peach baby

Image credit Earthborn
Image credit Earthborn

The walls in the photo above are paint in Earthborn’s Peach Baby clay paint (the cupboards are paint in – Secret Room). Peach baby is a dull pink tinted with yellow and red iron oxide colourants.