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Bright Skies & Breathe

This year the names of 2  “Colours of the Year” (beware the marketing ploy) are evocative signs-of-the-times.  Both names are trying to nudge us outside, out from behind our tables and desks, doors and walls, all those fixtures that have held us in isolation.
For 2022, the Dulux Colour of the Year  “Bright Skies” – a soft pale blue, is telling us to look out, up and forward.  The colour was chosen for its flexibility, especially at a time when people are navigating towards hybrid workspaces.  It’s optimistic.

Bright Skies – Dulux 2022 Colour of the Year
Photo Credit: Dezeen

And  “Breathe” from Graham and Brown, another soft blue, is suggesting that we take a moment and find fresh air. Breathe is a soothing, calm, mid blue, that can create a peaceful space. Breathe is a nod towards a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle, which dovetails with Graham & Brown’s new eco-conscious mission; the company has vowed to be carbon neutral by January 2022.

Breathe – Graham & Brown’s 2022 Colour of the Year
Photo Credit: House Beautiful