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Big Yellow Cupboard


“Big Yella cupboard” is in Providence Paint colour, Jackson’s Yellow. We had been finishing many cabinets in ubiquitous shades of grey & longed for colour. It was designed to encompass a small food prep area with plenty of storage & the capacity to shut it all away.


The dimensions: Height 200cm x Width 180cm x Depth 60cm
Note all dimensions are taken at the widest and tallest points. The internal shelves are mostly adjustable meaning that you easily fit everything from wicker baskets to cereal boxes there.


The doors are double acting and hinge onto themselves. They fold out of the way without getting in the way. Drill a hole for a plug & you can hide away a kettle in here.


The surface and the shelves has been bleached and oiled and treated with white oil, to give them a scrubbed pine look. An Oak surface & painted interior shelves could be specified if required too. Dungarees: #carharrt #workinprogress
This cupboard can be viewed at our shop.
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