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Hello world!

Hello World

These are the first two words traditionally used to greet visitors to the first blog on a WordPress site: reminds me of a Spinal Tap greeting to a stadium audience: “Hello London” or  in our case “Hello Bridge Street” and “Hello Barton”.

Welcome indeed to readers of our previous WordPress blog (55,000+ over the years! ( a fair size stadium) ) and to the all – new, souped – up, GTI, supercharged, turbo nutter bells & whistles website. Big thanks to Simon Pledger of Dice Design and Adam Maltpress for their huge contribution. We have only been dreaming of updating our site for the last (how many years?) – without them it would never have happened.

You can keep track of our latest developments and products by checking back here have a look at our Facebook page. As you can see looking left, we tweet too.


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